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Gifting has always been an effective method of building relationships and marketing, based on the age-old and natural law of reciprocity.

In a world of saturation, and with so many companies using gifting as a marketing strategy, it’s more important than ever for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

A whopping 77.4% of businesses use corporate gifting as a form of marketing,

whilst only 35% of these are food and drink based.

We’ve distilled our knowledge to create an innovative type of food and drink gift box.

The Gastro Gift

A gastro gift box contains a drink (usually wine), seasonings and Gastro Guides, which empowers home cooks to reconnect and break bread with the people they love.

The sender of the gastro gift is in turn associated with this highly personal event, helping to develop synchronicity and brand equity between the sender and recipient.

The three options are:





To learn more: www.gastrogifts.co.uk

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