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When businesses use the term “marketing”, it can be for a whole host of different perceived reasons.


From generating social media buzz and spreading word of mouth, to raising awareness of the brand, making a political statement or providing a practical demonstration of a certain product; all of these reasons ultimately help to build Brand Equity.

You may be familiar with The Brand Equity Model, shown below, which sets out the four stages of a pyramid that any business will try to climb.


Adapted from “Strategic Brand Management: Building,

Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity” by Kevin Lane Keller.

© Pearson Education Limited 2013

The ultimate aim is, of course, to reach the top of the pyramid, where the target audience resonates with the brand.

The most common methods of marketing are:


  • Above the line advertising

e.g. media advertisements

  • Guerrilla marketing

 e.g. sample and flyer distribution

  • Corporate gifting

  e.g. pens, USBs and other practical items


But people are becoming desensitised to these...


As marketers, aren't we always looking for new and meaningful ways to engage customers and gain a competitive edge?

We help brands to build brand equity through innovative forms of gastronomic marketing.


Our knowledge of the food and drinks sector, experience in hospitality and pop-ups, together with our insight into marketing has helped brands and marketing companies like yours to explore and deliver an innovative means to build brand equity.


Incubator Kitchen’s four key methods provide you with the three things that are key to the success of any Gastronomic Marketing campaign.


ensuring that your message is new and worthy of attention


ensuring that you create a meaningful connection by adding value


ensuring that you tell them something that they didn’t know, to solidify the connection

How does Gastronomic Marketing work?


On any given day, the average consumer is exposed to 3,000 media messages. We’ll pay attention to 52 but only positively remember 4.


At the same time we, as humans, remember:

10%   of what we're read

20%   of what we've heard

30%   of what we've seen

50%   of what we've seen and heard

We remember 80% of what we’ve experienced



A Gastronomic experience is the only type of experience that engages all of the senses, thus making it the most memorable.

Wouldn’t it make sense to use the power of food and drink to market your brand or product?


What’s more, with the rise of the experience economy, there’s never been a better time to use food and drink as one of the central elements to base your branding, shape your image and promote your products.


A positive and memorable brand experience leads not just to increase in sales but also a positive impact on brand PR, such as customer satisfaction, brand credibility and thus loyalty. This helps to build brand equity, getting you to the state of “Resonance” at the top of the pyramid.



We’ll sit down as a team to fully understand the underlying brand messages.


These may be around the brand’s history, the values, visions and strategies or product identity but, ultimately determines the goals and outcomes of the campaign.


Then, we’ll work together to transform these brand messages into unique brand experiences or touch points.


The key aim is to embed the brand into your guests’ consciousness.


Your dedicated chef and account manager will apply their gastronomic and industry knowledge.


We help you plan the gastronomic experience through our four key methods.


Together we’ll also set timelines with clear and realistic goals for when best the deliver your specific campaign.


We  strongly believe in the kaizen philosophy of constant learning and improvement, and the value of long term relationships.


We’ll continue to ensure that the campaign delivers more and better results, by making any changes where necessary.


To analyse the project’s success and ROI, post-project debriefs are carried out as soon as possible.


For longer term campaigns, this can be used to further incubate and reshape activations further down the line.

Interested to see where your next gastronomic marketing campaign can lead you...?
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