Over 70% of entrepreneurs fail in the first 3 years....What makes you any different?


There is no secret, you have to get in there and do it… but you can lean on other people’s experience


Entrepreneurism is draining. IncK is a group who can you can tap into to share your worries, struggles and wins.


Education is the stabilisers while you are gaining experience. Just get your education in the right place.


We have a strict no muppets rule. Anyone who is here for the wrong reasons is gone, no questions asked. 


Not doing what you are supposed to or going off track. We help you stay running down the right path.

Most businesses fail because of lack of the 5 E's.

IncK is here to help you with all 5! How?

Website build

We build a SEO optimised site from scratch in the course, so you can follow along or dip into the sections you need help with building to increase your conversions.


We spend £1000’s a day advertising on Google and Facebook. We have distilled our knowledge into a how to course so you can tap into our experience.


Every successful person in to world has a coach, we are yours. Whether it’s  advertising, , website issues strategy or mindset, just hop on a call .

Kaizen Growth

We have a range of interactive learning opportunities starting in Autumn 2020, such as interviews and Q&As with global business leaders.

Ready to go? Be one of the first 50 for 50% off & sign up now for £100 pm +VAT!

Have you read our book?

Our book, Gastronomic Marketing details how corporates and food and drink companies can utilise eating and gastronomy to develop deep relationships and rapport. 

Breaking bread with other people and sharing a table are extremely powerful ways to build relationships,  If you would like to find out more, click here to get your copy from Amazon.